One big reason why now you should definitely leverage Instagram for your business is because the Instagram engagement rate is quite interesting. Based on a stats by Yotpo, Instagram converts the highest targeted traffic into brand new fans faster than any of the social media channels. The key to successful advertising with this platform lies in engaging users with content that is relevant and useful. Branding and customer loyalty are two factors that drive sales. Below are some of the ways on how you can use Instagram for your marketing.

Instagram Marketing

Posting engaging videos is an excellent way to engage your audience. Ensure that the content you use for your profile is visually appealing. This will attract users to view the rest of your posts in the future. The engagement strategy is not just limited to posting videos but also including graphics and other elements that can be linked to your social media content. In this way, people who like the visual appeal of your post might also share the content with their network.

Instagram engagement is based on your fan page. The more fans you have on Instagram, the more chances of getting in touch with your target audience. This will increase the chance of creating brand loyalty as well as maintaining brand awareness especially if you’re part of a small brand that does not have much exposure online. To effectively leverage instagram marketing, you have to create content that attracts the attention of your audience.

Social media marketing experts recommend content marketing as the best option for promoting businesses. Content marketing has been proven effective and is always open for new strategies and techniques. You will need to use this powerful tool to promote your product or service so that it becomes easily noticeable to your target audience. Content marketers have to make sure that they put quality content in front of their audience. They also have to engage with their audience by answering questions that they may have and by sharing insightful information. You can start engaging your audience by posting content in various social networking sites such as Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and others.

After you’ve posted content, you can also give followers a sneak peek of what you have to offer by uploading a short video clip of yourself. You can use this video clip in your Facebook profile page, on your twitter feed, on your LinkedIn profile or anywhere else on your social media platform. This is how you get your audience’s attention and build a strong social media profile.

Last but not least, engage your audience. To have a successful instagram marketing strategy, you have to provide interesting and valuable content to your followers and to constantly interact with them. Remember to monitor what your followers are saying about your page and reactivly whenever necessary.