Podcast Marketing

Podcast Marketing Strategy

What is Podcast Marketing? A podcast is an occasional episodic audio broadcasted live or on-demand for internet users. Podcast marketing simply means using an podcast to advertise your online products or services directly to an targeted audience. This type of promotion is a great alternative for businesses who wish to reach an audience that may not be able to find them in the traditional mainstream media.

The typical podcasts are generally six to eight minutes long and hosted by someone like a professional talk show host or a sports podcaster. They feature interviews or discussions with experts in their particular industries. Often times, the audio content is interspersed with graphics and short reports about the expert’s hobbies, opinions and insights. In some cases, there will also be links to purchase the products and services being promoted. Typically, you will not find any advertising within the actual audio content.

Podcast Marketing allows you to develop content that is exclusive to your online business and deliver it to listeners via a Podcast. Podcasts are similar to radio shows in that they can be hosted by a professional host or produced entirely on your own. If you choose to create your own podcast, there are a few things you should keep in mind before you begin:

The first thing you need to think about when creating your podcasting marketing strategy is whether you want to host the actual podcast yourself or if you would prefer to hire a podcasting host to handle all of the technical aspects of production. Hosting your own podcast is a great way to have a high-quality audio product created and it costs absolutely nothing. Podcasting hosting services charge a monthly fee for use of their technology to deliver podcasts to your listeners. Podcast hosts often offer high-quality production tools and extensive audio library files for their clients. Some hosts also provide podcast traffic and advertising opportunities for their clients.

Podcast marketing is similar to radio promotion in that there are a number of ways to reach your target audience and build trust with your listeners. One way to do this is through podcast advertising. Podcast advertising works by allowing you to download an audio file of a public radio show, such as a podcast on your personal computer or an on-air event on your local radio station. When you download this podcast file, it is sent to your email address where you may listen to it at your leisure. This option allows you to create a podcast that fits your particular theme quickly and easily without the time and effort involved with creating a radio show of your own.

In summary, podcasting is becoming one of the most powerful tools available to the individual entrepreneur. Podcasting allows you to create audio media products that are unique and deliverable to your target audience on a particular theme. Podcast marketing strategy is useful if you are looking for ways to increase your visibility online or grow your customer base. This media product delivery system gives you a chance to reach a larger group of customers who would not otherwise be exposed to your message.