Weibo Marketing

How To Get Started With Weibo Marketing

Weibo Marketing, the latest craze in China social media, is starting to catch up with KOL. Weibo being the ‘Chinese Facebook’ and it has become extremely popular and is fast becoming a strong force in Chinese Internet Marketing. KOL, like Facebook and Twitter are mainly social media platforms with some added features like blogs and microblogging. However, Weibo has a lot more to offer compared to both KOL and Facebook.

Weibo is not only used for communication purposes but also as an online community site. Millions of users access Weibo every single day and follow the latest news and reviews from all over China and the rest of the world. With the help of this viral marketing strategy Weibo can get the name of your brand out there to a much larger audience without you spending thousands of Dollars on advertisement campaigns. In fact, you can easily run a campaign for less than a few dollars. Here’s how it works.

Companies that have an account on Weibo can begin a campaign for free and use the platform as a way to interact with their customers and drive in new leads for Weibo marketing. The first step to using Weibo for the promotion of your brand is to sign up as a brand and create a page for your business. The page should have all the relevant information regarding your company and all the information that will allow you to get more fans and followers. Once you have registered as a brand and started your page, start interacting with the community and collecting feedback and recommendations about your products and services. The goal of your campaign is to engage the audience on this popular platform and give them a reason to recommend you to others.

The next step is to promote your page to attract more followers. One effective way is to use Weibo’s viral campaign features such as videos, images, and short promotional videos. You can also use other free video sharing services like YouTube and import your official videos into the Weibo video player. You can also share images and short message exchanges via Twitter.

Finally, create a viral short video that will go viral on Weibo. The video must be interesting, have good content, be directed at the target audience, and should be promoted using appropriate keywords and content. Submit the video to as many Weibo video sites as possible and wait for it to be featured on the main page. Ideally, you will have several followers on Weibo who will forward the link to others. The viral effect will give your company a great increase in the amount of social media followers and fans.

With the rise of Weibo, companies in China are taking advantage of this unique social networking platform to increase their business exposure. Weibo Marketing has the potential to give your business instant access to a huge online community and the potential to increase brand awareness at a low cost. Weibo can become an invaluable marketing tool for small, medium, and large Chinese businesses. The Chinese market is highly competitive and is ideal for companies that want to tap into a new source of potential customers. It also offers many benefits such as instant advertising, excellent customer service, and the ability to connect with a large number of people across the world.