SEO – What Is It?

Search Engine Optimization is the practice of improving the search engine ranking for websites through on-site and off-site factors. On-site SEO encompasses any efforts taken to optimize a site’s search engine placement through internal and external factors. Off-site SEO encompasses any activities taken to achieve higher search engine ranking for websites by off-site techniques. The practice of onsite optimization is what we call on-site SEO. It focuses on the quality of links that a site receives.

Link building, therefore, is an important factor in onsite and offsite SEO. There are two types of link building: On-site link building and offsite link building. The process of link building can be done internally or offsite. Offsite link building encompasses activities such as article writing, blogs commenting, forum posting, press release submission, guest blogging, guest posting, directory submission and others.

There are many factors that determine the effectiveness of a backlink. Backlinks play an important role in determining the ranking factor of a site. The importance of backlinks is dependent on the authority of the authority sites that the link originates from. The higher the authority of the sites that the link originates from, the more significant the link will be. The more significance that an authority site receives the more valuable the backlink. Additionally, the larger the authority of the sites the higher the site will be able to rank.

Another way of building authority is through the use of a search tool known as the Google PageRank. This tool was developed by Google to measure link popularity. PageRank is used to determine not only the value of the page in terms of backlinks, but also the value of each individual link. A higher PageRank indicates a higher value of the site to search engines.

Another important factor that increases the value of a web page is the level of backlinks it has. Higher the pagerank of a particular web page, the more likely that a visitor searching for information on that page will find a link to that page on other sites linking back to it. Higher backlinks provide more authority to the page. As the link popularity increases, the search engines will perceive the page as more valuable and will increase its ranking factor accordingly.

Higher ranking can be achieved through off-site SEO factors. These off-site factors are commonly referred to as ‘dirty’ SEO. These off-site factors include content creation, directory submissions, social bookmarking, keyword analysis, link creation and others. Although these are considered dirty SEO, they have proven to be beneficial to the ranking of certain sites in the rankings.