Digital Media

Why Digital Media is Becoming a Popular Choice

Digital media is a part of mass communication, which makes use of electronic media such as computers, cell phones and various other electronic media and technologies to promote services and products. These technologies are also known as digital information systems (DIMS). In today’s world, there has been an increased trend of using digital media for marketing. Though there are some advantages of traditional media marketing, there are some drawbacks of opting for these media. One major disadvantage is flexibility; while traditional media is flexible in nature, digital media is not.

Most traditional media strategies tend to be long term strategies. Once the advertising campaign is over, the brand tends to get irrelevant. The audience tends to shift from one medium to another. A television advertisement might be shown on television for a particular duration of time but once the campaign is over, there is no guarantee that viewers will watch the same advertisement again. Similarly, magazines and newspaper ads need to be renewed periodically as well.

Digital media on the other hand allows for immediate response to marketing efforts. Digital media also allows for a longer period of adaptation to changes in trends. When compared to traditional media, digital media offers the consumer with a bigger choice. A consumer in the traditional setting might like a particular brand but when using digital media; he/she might like other brands. A television advertisement for example can be seen by a television set owner in India, in China and in Japan whereas it can be seen by an American audience.

It is not only cost effective but flexible as well. With digital media marketing, a company can easily measure data for future market projections. Companies that have used traditional media for marketing can use the data to target specific markets for their upcoming campaigns. A company can easily focus on the consumers who are most likely to buy a particular product or service.

It also allows for greater brand equity building. As opposed to investing in traditional media, digital media allows for the creation of multiple streams of revenue from multiple marketing venues. As an example, a company can use a combination of radio and television for its marketing efforts. This would allow a company to reach multiple audiences at the same time.

There are many reasons why digital marketing is growing in popularity. Apart from cost effectiveness and flexibility, it is also able to capture a wider audience. In comparison to traditional media, it offers the consumer with a wider choice. It also has the potential to be customized and targeting specific demographics. The most attractive advantage that digital marketing has is the ability to reach people who are on the move. A person who is always travelling will find digital media quite interesting as it allows him/her to stream the advertisement to the person who is always on the move.